Zamil Industrial Coatings (ZINDCO), is a group company belonging to the Zamil Group, based in Saudi Arabia.   Zamil Group has over hundred group and affiliated companies in the manufacturing, trading, and services sector. Some of the prominent companies in the Group are Zamil Steel, Zamil Plastics...
POLYESTER POWDER COATINGS: as per BS 6496Polyester Powder Coatings in various colours designated by RAL numbers. Please contact us for your colour requirements. Some colours can also be specially... more
PVC (THERMOPLASTIC) POWDER COATINGS:a. PVC Powder Coatings on Electrical Conduit Pipes: as per NEMA RN-1 PVC coatings are applied externally on galvanized electrical conduit pipes and elbows of... more
PVC (PLASTISOL) LIQUID COATINGS:  as per NEMA RN-1   PVC (Plastisol) liquid coatings are typically applied externally on electrical fittings. For standardization purposes, the colour applied is Grey... more
FUSION BONDED EPOXY COATING : as per ASTM A888Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coating is applied on deformed rebar and deformed wire mesh used in the building construction industry. This application can... more

Established in 1996, Zamil Industrial Coatings (ZINDCO) is a pioneer in the powder coating business and continues to remain an innovator in the Industry. We’ve developed specialized equipment in conjunction with world leaders of turn-key machinery from the USA for many unique applications. Automated equipment is used when possible to provide cost effective operations.

We offer a wide variety of powder coating such as polyester, Super Durables, Thermoplastics, Fusion Bonded Epoxy for a wide range of applications. Our ability and experience to choose the correct materials for unique applications provides our customers with a real advantage.

Our powder coating is used in the coating of aluminium profiles and sheets for the architectural applications, coating of car shades and similar structures, coating of Electrical Panels, coating of conduit pipes and fittings for electrical applications, Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating for deformed wire mesh used in civil construction industry.
A powder coated part will offer a new highly protective and decorative surface. When a part is powder coated, a new part is created, a marriage of materials.

In continual contact with the world's major suppliers, ZINDCO maintains an updated inventory of materials, state of the art processing capabilities and a customized service facility adaptable to most production requirements.

Some of the functional advantages of our coatings, depending on the chosen product, are abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, and varying degree of corrosion resistance.

Using ZINDCO as your chosen job coater will give your product a superior finish that is durable, attractive, economical and environmentally friendly. Give yourselves a value added product at a very competitive cost.

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